How we can help you

neoNavitas means “new energy” – it is who we are and what we bring to your offering for NHS commissioner and provider customers


Our specialist teams operate across:

Primary care
and specialised commissioning arenas

The rapidly changing landscape of commissioner and provider organisations

Integrated care systems

No one understands how to bring true value to the healthcare market better than us – we apply private sector skills to the public sector, and public sector insight to the private sector.


Whatever your market access challenge, we have the right solution

If the answer to ANY of these questions is YES, please contact us now

Are you preparing for launch of a drug in the UK?

We can help you at every step of the way…


  • from pre-launch strategy and value proposition design through to implementation


  • and specific projects, for example advanced product notifications


…through our partner companies, we can even help with your marketing, data, coaching, and additional sales force requirements too!


We are your go-to partner for a successful UK launch.

Do you need to commercially defend your existing asset through a rebate?

We provide an end to end rebate management solution from design through to implementation.

Are you unsure how to navigate the specialised commissioning landscape?

We know what is required for a gold standard launch for new treatments in a specialised setting.

Do you need help to revive a product and expand your market share?

We can help at any stage in the product life cycle based on our experience and customer relationships, helping you find the true value in your offering.

Are you struggling to access important customer groups?

We continually achieve outstanding coverage and outcomes with key customers in a short period of time.

Does the current NHS service constrain patient access to your product?

We can work with you to understand the challenges, identify potential solutions, and engage with NHS service stakeholders to deliver and evaluate solutions.

As primary and secondary care become increasingly integrated in England, do you need to better understand the impact this will have on your products and/or services?

We can help you develop and implement a strategy that takes into account the challenges and opportunities of this rapidly changing landscape.

Are you in a therapy area that doesn’t seem to be top of the NHS agenda?

We can help make your product a priority by understanding the relevant story and value for the NHS.

Will strategic consultancy and sales force redesign help improve your outcomes?

We can provide an objective view on your current ways of working and provide a recommendation on what you can change to ensure you’re getting the best out of your team.

The proof of our ability and value is clear in the outcomes that we help our clients to achieve

After six years of successfully operating in this field, we fully understand our business, where we add value and where we don’t. NHS commissioner engagement is a continual headache for our industry. Our experience is that most companies find significant challenges in this area. We focus on senior commissioners and critical decision makers. Successful engagement with these customers is not straightforward. We have mastered the ability to not only engage with them, but also to deliver demonstrable and valuable outcomes for both the NHS and our clients.

Are we perfect? No!

Are we robots? No!

Do we give you a better chance of success? We believe so. Why not talk to us and understand why.

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