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Client and NHS customer testimonials

“Having worked in healthcare for many years I was amazed to see the breadth and depth of relationships that neoNavitas have with payers. They have been an extraordinary help to our business.” Owner and CMO

“The neoNavitas team were a great find for us. They had ready made capability that we would have taken years to build and their results have been fantastic. They have been true partners with the value they added to the UK management team and have always demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism.” VP Global Sales

“neoNavitas have always been very supportive and understand the NHS agenda and the challenges that we are faced with. They work closely to explore the underlying issues and build bespoke solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients. I have always felt that this is a true partnership working amongst equals. All interactions are open and honest and based on trust which has never been breached. The success is measured in terms of relationships as well as more tangible outcomes and this has felt very different to other joint working arrangements. By offering more than one value proposition, all with clear benefits to the NHS, this gives me a real reason to engage.I firmly believe the company is careful and ethical about the proposals that they make, they always explore the picture within the wider health economy rather than looking at a product or service in isolation which offers a refreshing change.” NHS Head of Medicines Optimisation

“Working with neoNavitas has proved an invaluable resource in terms of partnership working. The business intelligence exchange between us helps me deliver a more commercially aware and astute NHS with the patients always firmly placed at the centre of our discussions and any decision process.” NHS Pharmacy Manager

“neoNavitas have helped form relationships with NHS and Industry, which has helped us with seamless partnership working. Novel ideas which have led to project opportunities to benefit the patients and also part of QIPP which means everyone benefits: patient, CCG, primary care and pharmacy. The neoNavitas Directors are extremely knowledgeable about the NHS and share best practices around the country.” NHS Medicines Optimisation Lead

“We chose neoNavitas as the quality of the team on paper looked impressive. What they have delivered is in line with this. They have a high level of commercial experience and excellent relationships with key customers. They work in a collaborative way, sharing insights and relationships. Personally I have enjoyed working with the neoNavitas team, they challenge your thinking, are entrepreneurial and have an excellent grasp of an ever changing NHS.” Head of Commercial and Supply Chain

“neoNavitas continue to do what they say they are going to do, and then some more.” UK Head of Pharma

“I have found the neoNavitas Director role to be unique, I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but this is very different from a normal pharmaceutical role. There is an insight into the NHS and what can really make a positive input on the health economy for the area. Some really innovative ideas are being produced, keep it coming.” NHS Commissioning Manager

“Their unique relationships with the NHS payer community means they have credibility in front of influential healthcare professionals, and can ensure the right environment is established for quality discussions, which invariably result in business goal achievement. CSOs on the other hand tend to find you good people, but almost inevitably without the customer history/credibility, or the where-with-all to hit the ground running and therefore more time has to be invested to get people up to speed.” UK Managing Director

“neoNavitas do not provide a one-size fits all solution, in fact their solution is often the exact opposite of a one-size fits all CSO operation. neoNavitas partner with your organisation, and take a personal stake in ensuring successful outcomes with the healthcare proposition/solution on offer.” Country manager

“I have found the neoNavitas Director role of great value. They have a greater understanding of innovative business propositions than company representatives in general, teamed with an in-depth knowledge of local and NHS needs. There is a genuine approach to professional practice whilst offering a personalised approach, enabling swift response to communication and information needs. It has been valuable to me as a practitioner to work with neoNavitas in striving to improve the self management strategies of patients; the aim for them to better manage their condition and positively influence their quality of life.” NHS Network Manager

“Although it has only been a short time working together, I have found working alongside the neoNavitas Directors a pleasure. They were extremely helpful when we met early on and gave us a thorough overview of the work done at a CCG level. This gave my team a clear strategy on how to work these accounts effectively. On top of this I appreciate the supply of all relevant documents which show when decisions regarding our product were made. I look forward to continuing to work together to ensure pull-through on the positive outcomes secured on formularies and guidelines.Territory Manager

“neoNavitas are a true collaborator. They have great relationships but are always willing to discuss how we should approach each customer and how the follow-up should be completed. They have effectively utilised their relationships and knowledge of the NHS to get us a foot in the door and effectively understand end to end implementation. I feel that they have a thorough understanding of our value proposition and this is evident when in calls together. As a result of this effective joint working, we have had some great success in areas where the CCGs are traditionally very difficult to engage with. They have come to feel more like colleagues rather than working with an external organisation and I feel that as a result of this, the whole is greater than the sum of our parts. Thanks for all of your hard work so far and long may it continue.” NHS Commercial Manager

“From the moment we worked together you have been the ultimate professional, always with me, my team and when we are in front of customers. You are always happy to push back if you don’t agree with something, and we always come to the same point after focussed discussion. You communicate really well, letting me and the team know the top line, and then are always very flexible in then being able to meet up if needed, to discuss more in depth. I have learned that you are always thinking that one step ahead, and are not constrained in your thinking. You are happy to try different approaches to get the outcome needed, but also to work with us, as part of the team, to do the same. The team feel as though they can approach you to ask questions or to ask for help. In this last year you have brought the business forward in many places within my region, and I know exactly what is happening in each CCG and with each customer. I have really enjoyed working alongside you for this last 12 months, and very much look forward to continuing in the future. Thank you for all that you have done, for being a great sounding board, and for just mucking in and being part of the team.Territory Manager

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